Introducing WordCamp Portland, ME 2017’s Wapuu!

What is a Wapuu?

A member of the Japanese WordPress community, Kazuko Kaneuchi, set out to design a WordPress mascot in 2011. Her wapuu design is now the official mascot of WordPress and variations have emerged worldwide.

Meet #WCPWM17’s Wapuu

On a warm afternoon in May, little Wapuu Moose was spotted wandering East End Beach in Portland, Maine. Nobody quite knows how he arrived, but it seems he’s admiring the view.

WordCamp Portland, Maine 2017 Wapuu

Automattician and WordCamp Portland, ME organizer Stephen Quirk created the version above for this year’s event. In previous years, we’ve featured a fisher and prey wapuu as well as a lumberjack wapuu.

When Wapuu Moose isn’t taking long walks on the beach, you’ll find him at WordCamp Portland, ME – which is where you should be too! Get your tickets here.